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News of the Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence (BFCAI)  - Banha University

The department of projects management in the ministry of higher education announces that the time to submit the innovative projects…
There is a Master’s thesis discussion of the students/ Hozifa Muhammad Kanosh that was held on Monday, 16-9-2019. The thesis…
 The entrepreneurship and innovation center to support the innovative projects announces that there is a competition of supporting the innovative…
Prof.Dr\ Gamal El Saeed , the University president issued a decree to establish Benha University museum under presidency of Prof.Dr.Abd…
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 10:56

El Saeed opens New Outlet of Benha University products

Written by
      Prof.Dr\ Gamal El Saeed, Benha University President opened new outlet of Benha University products. El Saeed was accompanied by…

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