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News of the Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence (BFCAI)  - Banha University

Sunday, 29 September 2019 11:02

The sixth international Cairo fair of innovation

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 Under the auspices of his Excellency Mr. president/ Abdel-Fattah EL-Sisi, the time to enroll has been extended to 6/10/2019 wishing…
In the frame of prof.Dr. Abd EL-Momen Shams EL-Din, The faculty’s dean of supporting the societal activities and amend the…
Prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby, the vice president of the educational affairs and prof.Dr. Khalid Esawi, the supervisor of the students’ activities…
Under the auspices of prof.Dr. Hala Zayed, the faculty’s dean and prof. Dr. Mazen Salim, the faculty’s deputy of the…
The department of projects management in the ministry of higher education announces that the time to submit the innovative projects…

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