7- Student Assessment:


a- Procedures used:

Assignments         to assess                 progress on students’ learning, effectiveness of course materials, and                                           approaches to instruction

Mid-Term  exam     to assess      level of knowledge acquisition and concepts understanding that can be                                                      used as a feedback for enhancing the  learning process

Oral exam           to assess        communication of technical  information that demonstrate  scientific understanding                  

Semester Final exam     to assess         level of mastery of the concepts,  algorithms, and problem solving                                                                         techniques learned in the course

Application Project    to assess                     performance in which students carry

b- Schedule:

Assessment 1       Assignments                    Week    3

Assessment 2       Assignments                    Week    5

Assessment 3       Mid-Term exam              Week    7 Assessment 4      Assignments            Week    10

Assessment 5    Oral exam                           Week    14

Assessment 6  End of Term final Exam       Week    15


c- Weighing of Assessment:

Final-term Examination                                  65%

Oral Examination                                           10%

Practical Examination                                     15%

Semester Work                                               10%

Other types of assessment


Total                                                               100 %