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The 1st Ceremony of Alumni at Faculty of Computers and Information 

The conferences hall at faculty of Commerce, Benha University witnessed a ceremony for honoring alumni of Computers and Information faculty for 2011\2012 which was held in presence of Prof. Dr. Ali Shams El Din, Benha University president, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Salah El Din, the Faculty dean, Prof. Dr. Hala Helmy Zayed, the Faculty deputy for Students and Education Affairs and numbers of the Faculty members and their assistants where they have granted alumni certificates of appreciation. The ceremony has included a word said by the University president, the Faculty dean and head of Students Union where they have expressed about their great happiness for the Faculty students and hoped for them best wishes and great success. On the other hand, students have expressed their thanks for the University president and they hoped of him to continue his support for them and the Faculty.  




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