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Project Description

      According to the national plan for developing High Education, it has been approved to establish quality unit project at faculty of Information and Computers, Benha University under auspices of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and preparing a new generation of alumni according to accredited standards of competition at local and global labor markets.


General Objectives

•Building quality system inside the Faculty which guarantees continuous development of education in organized and systematic way to graduate alumnus who suit with labor market at Computers and Information Technology fields.

•Creating a relation of confidence among beneficiaries, community and educational institutions.

•Creating a suitable atmosphere for educational activities.

•Creating a suitable atmosphere for scientific researches activities.

•Spreading of quality culture for students, faculty members and staff.

•Activating the role of departments at the project and evaluating its results.

•Providing of work mechanism to guarantee amendment and renewal.



1) Quality System inside the faculty which guarantees continuous development in a systematic and organized manner.

2) Preparing an alumnus who is able to participate actively in building and developing his community.

3) Supporting our Country abilities for investment at Software and Information Technology Sector.

4) Applied Scientific Research.

5) Activating the Faculty role as a key link at the University.

6) Reforming courses and programs to suit with the comprehensive quality standards and development of the local community.



1) Students , Faculty members , Assistants and Surrounding community.

2) Governmental Institutions in the light of establishing Electronic government and spreading the Electronic signature.

3) Operating companies at software industry and Information Technology.

4) Industry Sector in the light of wide spread of using computers at industrial operations.

5) Education and Scientific Research Sector.

6) Administrative System.



•Lack of financial support to implement the targeted activities according to the schedule.

•Resisting the idea of modernization and development and distrust at quality system.

•Management's lack of cooperation.

•Lack of commitment by successive administrations with the same methodology.

•Travelling of high experienced members in secondments or accompanying their wives.

•Increasing numbers of accepted students at faculties or departments.


Work Methodology

1)To do awareness workshops relates to quality assurance of the academic or administrative system of the faculty members at the Faculty.

2)Formation of Work teams and to assign each group with a certain task and to represent all departments at the work teams.

3)To preview achievements of each stage at the Faculty council monthly.

4)Delegation of experts at the field to benefit from them and to do workshops.

5)To evaluate the Faculty place throughout the global indicators of quality.

6)Writing procedures at Quality Assurance Project of the Faculty and to distribute them at the departments.

7)Clarifying the Quality importance and risks of ignoring quality at the Faculty, University and Community.

8)Training several of the Faculty members to follow the project at the Faculty.

9)To design quality manual for inputs, outputs of the educational process.

10)Writing reports fir documenting procedures and achievements at the Project stages.


Outputs of Objectives

1- Following active method at management.

2- Forming active system for Improvement and Quality management.

3- Full commitment for achieving the academic standards of the Educational Institution.

4- Improving quality of Education chances.

5- Improving system of search and scientific activities.

6- Activation of Community participation at the Educational Institution.

7- Preparation for Continuing development and accreditation.

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